Word of the Day: Mot du jour


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Dog: Chien (Pronounced with an emphasis on the “e”)

I was making the mistake of pronouncing it with an “un” sound at the end. Which I have been told sounds more like a french word for SHIT. That explains some of the funny looks I was getting for the first two weeks I was here.

“This shit is 4 years old.” haha!Image


Catacomb Fail


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We decided to go on an adventure today. We got up early, walked the dogs, grabbed a delicious pastry…

And then we headed to the train station. We got a little lost after getting off the train at Notre Dame. We ended up make a complete circle and ending up right where we started. But that was okay, I wanted to see this fountain again…

Along the way we also found a Mexican food restaurant that we later went to for dinner…

I realize it may seem silly that we moved from Arizona: Land of a 1000 Mexican Restaurants to France and we choose to eat there. But it’s really true, you want what you can’t have. I’ve been craving Mexican food for weeks. FYI it wasn’t good at all, overpriced and yuck!
We finally made our way to the catacombs and to our dismay…

We were SUPER disappointed! The catacombs looked very interesting, albeit a bit morbid. Check out this blog post from Couple of Travels. It’s about their visit to the Parisian Catacombs. With great photos as well.
We also visited the Luxembourg Jardin which was very beautiful.


Overall it was a decent day. It was a little very chilly though.


“Do you have one for me?”


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Our dogs get quite a bit of attention in France. They definitely look much different than the majority of pups I see here. (Mostly Yorkies and Poodles) Jamie in particular is very unique. She’s short, pure muscle, and has a beautiful brindle coat. She has a rather large head, kind of like a boxer or pit bull. Did you know it’s actually illegal to bring any dog to France that has Pit in them? From what we were told when we adopted her, she is a mix of Corgi and Cattle Dog. But I suspect there were some other breeds in there.

Anyhow, I get a lot of questions about her when I take her on walks. Mostly about her breed, her age, why she wears the muzzle (she’s a little feisty.) The other day I was on my way home from walking Luke to his morning bus commute, and a gentleman stopped me to ask about her. He was very intrigued by her, and he said a lot before I could finally mutter out, “Je ne parle pas français.” Then in an unsteady way he said, “Do you have one for me?” Ha! It was really funny to me. For a moment I thought I would joke with him and give him the leash and say, “she’s all yours.” But I worried somehow my humor would be lost in translation and he would run off with her. Instead I told him she was spayed, but if he ever goes to Arizona, he can find many many many more that look like her.


“Quit taking pictures and lets go!” said Jack.


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Jack and I decided to go for a long walk today to see just how big that Grand Canal is. I’ve read that the Canal is 5.5 km around the rim, which is about 3.42 miles. Including the walk from our apartment I think we walked about 7 miles this morning. There were just a handful of people out, as it was a bit chilly this morning. Jack was being a very good dog and I was even able to let him off the leash for quite a while. He enjoyed some crazy running through the grass, then he mellowed out enough for us to continue walking. From there on he just kept a constant 15 feet between us, I’m guessing so I couldn’t sneak up on him and put him back on his leash. However, he was really good about coming back to me when I told him to.

Anyway, I really liked the topiary’s mixed in with the large trees. Everything is so green and lush here. I am used to living in the desert and seeing nothing but brown dirt, sand, concrete and cactus. This is a nice change from that!

It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

There is a Restaurant in the park that I want to try one of these days. It has seating right along the waters edge. Probably kind of a touristy spot, but nonetheless it looks like it would be fun to go in the warmer summer months. Or now I suppose…

There were lots of boats in the water and what looked liked some competitive rowers as well.

We also caught a glimpse of the Grand Trianon. In 1687 Jules Hardouin Mansart built the Grand Trianon, probably the most refined group of buildings anywhere in the domain of Versailles, on the site of the “Porcelain Trianon”, which Louis XIV had had erected in 1670 to escape the pomp and rigid formality of court life with his mistress Madame de Montespan.

Grand Trianon

After the long walk we were so tired we decided to come back to the apartment and relax… well that’s what Jack did.

As for me, I decided to finally start this blog. I have been thinking about starting one for years, so its about time. I am still learning how to use WordPress so hopefully from here on out it won’t take me 3 hours for one post.