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A few weeks back we went to our districts annual “New-Comers Party.” Every district (there are seven I believe) in Versailles puts on a party to welcome new residents. It’s a time to introduce yourselves to your neighbors and enjoy some appetizers, cookies, goodies and of course… Wine. I have been told its a good excuse to throw a party and drink some wine, all on the Governments dime. I suppose I am fine with that.

There were around 30 or 35 people in attendance and from what I understand we were some of the only newbies in the group, if not THE only ones. In addition, we were the only Americans. So yeah, you could say we were kind of a big deal. We were personally interviewed by a reporter and had our pictures taken. As I have mentioned before, I don’t speak French, but we were fortunate that my friend Nicoleta had offered to come with us to the event. She was our translator for most of the night. From what Nicoleta said about the quotes in the article, there were some artistic liberties taken with interview. Lol! But nothing too outlandish. 🙂 So get out your glasses and French Dictionary and feel free to read the following article…

Oh yes, that’s us with the group, and with Nicoleta in the bottom photo. SUPER STARS!