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After a rather rude start to my day we decided to get outside and enjoy what ended up being a beautiful clear sunny day. We decided to go on a LONG walk through the park connected to the Palace of Versailles. Did we want to bring the bad dogs? No, not after the stunt they pulled this morning. But we needed to walk them anyway and they are much less annoying once they are all wiped out from a long walk. (I’m still a little mad about this morning, clearly.)

To shame them we decided to make them wear some really embarrassing attire. Jack got a blue bandana, that always seemed to work its way around so that instead of looking like the little sneaky bandit that he is, he looked like a “fancy” little fellow. Très chic, Jacque! Jamie was given a handle.

She loved being picked up like that! Her tail would go crazy!

Once the coast was clear we were able to take Hannibal’s… er… Jamie’s muzzle off. We even let them run around without leashes. Yeah, we are a wild bunch, I know.

Jack enjoyed biting leaves and doing some of the most impressive high jumps. He didn’t even need a running start. By the way, Luke is 6’2″ and Jack nearly made it that high.

Springy little fellow!

We walked all the way to the end of the Parc du la Chateau where we found a Portuguese Market, which is where I embarrassed myself with a weird combination of French, and Spanish while trying to order something at the deli. We ended up getting some ribs (been craving BBQ and can’t seem to find any here, lol) and some Portugese wine. Both were fantastic!

We even had a Lady bug join us for the festivities! (Photo courtesy of Luke)

Pretty little flowers that are no doubt covered in Dog pee, just like my foot this morning… Yep, still mad.

We decided to take a side path so there were fewer people around and the mutts could enjoy their leashless freedom a while longer. They had so much fun, and were very good about coming back when we called them.

Over all we walked 6.41 miles on our adventure. The dogs are tired, and MY dogs were barking. **Cheesy, I know**

This was one of the final pictures of the day. I feel so fortunate to be able to live here, surrounded by so much beauty. This is a dream come true.