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This post is a little late, as I have been really busy lazy. I was thinking about how Luke and I have spent the last two Halloweens outside the United States. Last year we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico celebrating the marriage of Diana and Dave.

Puerto Vallarta Harbor, Mexico
Diana and Dave!

Oops… Got a little side-tracked and reminiscent there. Anyhow, the last two years we have been in places that don’t really celebrate Halloween in the same way as the United States. But we have enjoyed them both nonetheless. In Mexico we went to downtown PV to dance the night away at one of the “clubs.” It was there that we ran into some spooky Dia de los Muertos Skeletons.

Halloween 2011, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

And here in France we were fortunate enough to have been invited to a dinner party by a friend, and introduced to some of her friends. They were a blast, very friendly and we had a lot of laughs. Dinner was fabulous and the company was even better. It was difficult finding anything Halloween costume related in our area, so we decided that we could just wear all black and try to pull of the Day of the Dead look this year.

I don’t really think that face is working for me… not sure what that was all about.

By the way, I totally stole that flower from the monument and garden down the street. It was just so perfect I couldn’t help myself. But I did a good deed at the same place by pulling Jack away from there so he wouldn’t pee on the other flowers… yeah, that probably doesn’t make up for it.

Aren’t we all so frightening?!? Look at that scary witch! And that broom… it could poke someones eye right out! But I think Nicoleta wins the costume contest, hands-down!

Don’t eat it, Self!!! Although I do know it was organic. (called Bio in France-FYI)

Did I even mention there was even a Vampire there?! And I was told he was actually from Transylvania. There were actually two Vampires, two witches, and a Gothic Girl… but I dropped the ball on taking pictures of everyone, so will have to get permission before using the photos that were sent to me.