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We decided to go on an adventure today. We got up early, walked the dogs, grabbed a delicious pastry…

And then we headed to the train station. We got a little lost after getting off the train at Notre Dame. We ended up make a complete circle and ending up right where we started. But that was okay, I wanted to see this fountain again…

Along the way we also found a Mexican food restaurant that we later went to for dinner…

I realize it may seem silly that we moved from Arizona: Land of a 1000 Mexican Restaurants to France and we choose to eat there. But it’s really true, you want what you can’t have. I’ve been craving Mexican food for weeks. FYI it wasn’t good at all, overpriced and yuck!
We finally made our way to the catacombs and to our dismay…

We were SUPER disappointed! The catacombs looked very interesting, albeit a bit morbid. Check out this blog post from Couple of Travels. It’s about their visit to the Parisian Catacombs. With great photos as well.
We also visited the Luxembourg Jardin which was very beautiful.


Overall it was a decent day. It was a little very chilly though.