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Our dogs get quite a bit of attention in France. They definitely look much different than the majority of pups I see here. (Mostly Yorkies and Poodles) Jamie in particular is very unique. She’s short, pure muscle, and has a beautiful brindle coat. She has a rather large head, kind of like a boxer or pit bull. Did you know it’s actually illegal to bring any dog to France that has Pit in them? From what we were told when we adopted her, she is a mix of Corgi and Cattle Dog. But I suspect there were some other breeds in there.

Anyhow, I get a lot of questions about her when I take her on walks. Mostly about her breed, her age, why she wears the muzzle (she’s a little feisty.) The other day I was on my way home from walking Luke to his morning bus commute, and a gentleman stopped me to ask about her. He was very intrigued by her, and he said a lot before I could finally mutter out, “Je ne parle pas français.” Then in an unsteady way he said, “Do you have one for me?” Ha! It was really funny to me. For a moment I thought I would joke with him and give him the leash and say, “she’s all yours.” But I worried somehow my humor would be lost in translation and he would run off with her. Instead I told him she was spayed, but if he ever goes to Arizona, he can find many many many more that look like her.